About Us

Has been present in the Italian and export markets
since 1957, working with large distribution organizations
as well as with the traditional wholesaler.

Using qualified personnel, it carries out a technologically avant-garde production, without taking away from the product those characteristics of genuineness and craftsmanship for which it has always distinguished itself over the years. Our company is subjected to all hygiene and health controls, as well as to the HACCP self-control plan with excellent results. Moreover, with the construction of the new factory, we have managed to obtain the IFS International Food Standard and FDA Food and Drug Administration certification necessary for exports to the United States.

The raw materials we use are all accompanied by technical headquarters and analysis, its origin is not only Italian, but also comes from EEC countries. Our products are processed according to the Italian laws in force, without the addition of chemical additives and preservatives, so we are able to maintain the organoleptic characteristics that enclose the product at its origin.


If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.